File Formats

JPEG: jpeg files are compacted rapidly in the camera and consequently bring  lost detail and quality, it fundamentally implies the better the quality that you require the less pressure the camera will perform on the first photo.

TIFF: these file designs are typically uncompressed so it will take substantially more space both on your memory cards and furthermore for capacity on your pc.

RAW: It has the best quality image file captured and has extensive options in post processing and image manipulation.

DNG:  it has the ability to use image processing software like light room and photoshop and it can be a safer option long term.

PNG: it’s lossless compression means good image quality and it has the ability to maintain transparency.

GIF: gif files are ideal for web use, lossless pressure implies picture quality isn’t yielded and like PNGs they additionally offer the capacity to look after straightforwardness but can’t uphold straightforwardness.

BMP: it can be used for printing as images are saved in high quality format,

PSD: it has the ability to manipulate the image on separate layers and once an image is ready it can be re saved as any other file format.


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Different lenses are zooms, primes, macro, super telephoto, and tilt shift wide angles are perfect for shooting landscapes lenses in the standard zoom range cover moderate wide angles all major lens satisfy most budgets more expensive lenses have a fixed aperture telephoto lenses are excellent for sports, wildlife and nature there’s no right or wrong…